Just a quick update for anyone wondering about the things we have put in place ready for coming back to work and tattooing all of you lovely people! 🖤

As of today we still do not have a specific date for being allowed to trade again. We are hoping for the 13th July, but this is just speculation right now. As soon as we know for certain we will be in touch with all of our customers to rearrange your appointments for you!

In line with the governments recommendations for staying safe and preventing the spread of Coronavirus we have implemented the following procedures: (more to follow as we are given more advice)

  • We have all completed training and received a certificate on the most important information about coronavirus and how to avoid spreading it through cross contamination.
  • During the pandemic we will not be able to allow customers to bring friends or family to wait with them in the studio, this will help us limit the amount of people we have contact with.
  • We will be wearing full PPE, masks, goggles, aprons etc. They are disposable and will be changed for every client.
  • We will require you to bring your own face mask to your appointment which must be worn from the moment you leave your house and during your entire appointment.
  • If you are travelling by public transport you must also wear gloves during your journey which you will need to dispose of at the front of the studio, you will then be required to sanitise your hands on entry to avoid contaminating the hallway, and put on your mask before entering the shop.
  • Everyone will be asked to wash and sanitise their hands upon entry and you must remain in the waiting area until your tattoo artist comes to get you.
  • We will need all customers to bring their lunch/ snacks and drinks with them prior to entering the studio, make sure you bring plenty to eat and drink as you will not be able to go to a shop whilst your appointment is active. We have coffee and tea facilities at the studio if you are comfortable using them.
  • The studio, our stations and any non-disposable equipment is cleaned between clients & daily with extremely powerful medical grade disinfectants and 80% isopropyl spray, all handles and hand rails will be sanitised regularly throughout the day – but this does not mean you can relax! Be vigilant to avoid cross contamination. Please use common sense!
  • We will be staggering our appointment start times to avoid having too many people waiting in the same area at once.
  • There will be 80% alcohol sanitiser readily available throughout the studio please use it regularly during your appointment if you move around the shop.
  • Our tattoo stations are several meters apart and we will make every effort to ensure you do not need to be closer than that to anyone except your tattoo artist. Toilet breaks and lunch breaks will be arranged to avoid crossing paths with others.
  • If you have been unwell or in contact with someone who has been unwell in the last 14 days we will need to discuss with you whether it is safe to tattoo you or not. Being unwell recently does not necessarily mean we cannot tattoo you, but we will need to discuss your symptoms before we can proceed. Please try to contact us before hand to advise us of anything mentioned above.
  • We will not be able to tattoo the side of your neck, face, upper chest, top or front of your shoulders whilst coronavirus is still spreading. This is to avoid too much up close face to face contact and minimise the risk of spreading the virus further.
  • Wherever possible we will avoid contact with you and your belongings.

We really appreciate your cooperation whilst we work together through this extremely difficult time in our lives. All of this is to keep you, your artist and everyone else in the studio as safe as we possibly can!

Thank you for understanding, we cannot wait to get back to the shop and see you all! But not until we are told it is safe to do so!

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