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There are risks involved in getting a tattoo. These include fainting and redness and swelling to the area.

There are also risks involved in not caring properly for a new tattoo:

  • Localised infections (such as cellulitis)
  • Blood infections (sepsis)
  • Poorly healed tattoos

The following questions relate to your health. Please answer them all, and sign electronically to indicate you have read and understood the information in this form, and grant your consent.

AFTERCARE /// The first three days of the healing process are extremely important! We highly recommend that you purchase our £5 aftercare pack, which will provide you with your first 24 hours of sterile, safe cleaning products. Included in the pack is a complete 14 day guide, enough antibacterial soap for the first 24 hours of cleaning, and some sterile wipes (not recommended for use directly on the tattoo) to ensure your hands are always clean before applying your aftercare.

/// We also recommend purchasing the £5 YAYO aftercare balm ///

Armed with these things, you are in the best possible position to prevent any issues and to ensure your tattoo heals to look as perfect as the day it was applied!

This total £10 purchase is to ensure that you have all the right tools to help keep your tattoo from becoming infected due to poor aftercare habits.

A tattoo is an open wound, we always thoroughly clean your skin with medical grade antiseptic and antibacterial products before, during, and after the tattoo process. Once complete we clean your tattoo again with antibacterial wound wash and apply a sterile dressing to the area. The chances of a foreign object or bacteria being transferred to your tattoo during the application process are practically zero.

Once you leave the shop, the tattoo and the aftercare become your responsibility, and we therefore cannot be held responsible for infections or poorly healed tattoos due to bad aftercare.

Because tattoos are large areas of open skin, there are therefore many things which can cause a tattoo to become infected, most commonly:

• Pet hair, pet dander and their saliva

• Unclean hands being used when applying aftercare to the tattoo

• Someone else accidentally touching the tattoo

• Bacteria on your clothing and bathroom towels or bed sheets 

• Picking or scratching your tattoo in your sleep.

Unfortunately infections are a known associated risk of having a tattoo and can simply just happen, no matter how careful we, and you, are.

It is unlikely and unusual but it is a possibility, so we have to make you aware of your responsibility to look after this tattoo, which is identical to a fresh open wound and has been cleaned and dressed properly by your artist at the end of the session. 

Of course the decision to purchase these products and follow our advice is up to you, so please indicate with a yes or no below whether you would like to purchase the items mentioned above: