Before, During and After

The days leading up to your tattoo appointment are almost as important as the aftercare stage. Here are some of my tips to get the very best out of the entire experience…


  • In the week leading up to your tattoo make sure you keep the area clean, exfoliated and moisturised, preferably with cocoa butter twice a day.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water for the week prior to your appointment, as this helps us to work efficiently because the skin as in the best condition possible.
  • Do not put moisturiser on for the day of the tattoo, clean skin is better as any moisturiser will make the stencil harder to stick and stay on.


  • A & C are great for skin health and general immune system support, garlic is a great antioxidant, Zinc helps skin to heal and is antibacterial and together these things will help to keep you at peak health to ensure your tattoo experience is as easy as possible! *Always check that you are not allergic to any ingredients in these products.
  • We also recommend upping protein intake prior to being tattooed and for a little while after, this encourages healing and speeds up the process. staying well hydrated will help too!
  • Check out our 14 day aftercare guide for more info on supplements, available at the studio or as printable PDF via email request 🙂


  • Clean and gently exfoliate the area you are having tattooed in the morning, there is no need to apply moisturiser on the day of the tattoo. You can shave then area yourself if you are careful not to cut or irritate the skin!
  • HYDRATION – During the tattoo, hydration is really important, especially when the weather is hot. Make sure you bring a sugary drink and a bottle of water, if you forget we do have water at the studio.


  • EAT A SUBSTANTIAL MEAL ON THE MORNING OF YOOR APPOINTMENT! We know that nerves often don’t make eating easy, but you absolutely must get something in your belly! We won’t be able to tattoo you if you haven’t eaten first.
  • Sugary or junk food does not count here! Eat within two hours of your tattoo appointment, the biggest cause of fainting or feeling sick is lack of food and drink. It also helps tremendously with any pain you might experience. Carbs are great but including loads of protein is even better for long term energy.
  • BRING SNACKS – Sugary drinks and sweets are good during the tattoo to give you a short-term sugar boost and get you through until lunch. On a full day sitting we will break for a half hour lunch, during which time we recommend another substantial meal.


  • DO NOT FORGET your body has been through a kind of physical trauma, and needs to be looked after in order to heal properly! You also have an open wound whilst your tattoo heals. It is your responsibility from the moment you leave the studio to keep it as clean as it was when we wrapped it up!
  • Do not use bathroom flannels or towels to clean or dry your tattoo, germs attach themselves and breed viciously in these environments! Shower don’t bathe, soaking a fresh tattoo can cause major issues.
  • Do clean your tattoo twice a day with antibacterial soap and use YAYO aftercare butter to protect and help heal it.
  • Do take time to fully read our aftercare guide and familiarise yourself with the daily cleaning and healing processes.